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本文摘要:Apple’s new smartwatch can track your heart rate, pay for your Chicken McNuggets and give you turn-by-turn directions by sending vibrations to your wrist. You can even buy one in 18-karat gold. The device, which will be available early next year, is the latest in slick, wearable technology, a growing category that includes Google Glass, Jawbone’s Up fitness tracker and Liquid Image’s goggle-cameras.苹果新的发售的智能手表能跟踪你的心率,在你卖麦乐鸡的时候缴付,每两头一个转弯就能通过手腕上的震动向你报告方位。

Apple’s new smartwatch can track your heart rate, pay for your Chicken McNuggets and give you turn-by-turn directions by sending vibrations to your wrist. You can even buy one in 18-karat gold. The device, which will be available early next year, is the latest in slick, wearable technology, a growing category that includes Google Glass, Jawbone’s Up fitness tracker and Liquid Image’s goggle-cameras.苹果新的发售的智能手表能跟踪你的心率,在你卖麦乐鸡的时候缴付,每两头一个转弯就能通过手腕上的震动向你报告方位。你甚至还可以卖个18K金版的。谷歌眼镜、能跟踪体重的卓棒手环(Jawbone’s Up)和Liquid Image的护目镜摄像机都归属于时尚清纯的可穿着技术,这个品种目前正在日益减少,苹果手表正是其中近期的一种,将于明年年初上市。

But are these innovations really game-changers for travelers?但对于旅行者们来说,这些创意感叹转变规则的大事吗?On one hand it’s amusing to contemplate the promise of wearable technology, or wearables, when the travel industry is still trying to solve basic problems like how to board 300 people onto an airplane without the process devolving into a stampede. I’m reminded of the psychologist Abraham Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs” — the pyramid that illustrates how rudimentary physiological requirements like food and shelter must be met before we can concern ourselves with less crucial desires. If there were such a pyramid for travel, boarding a plane with Jetsons-style alacrity would come before watches and glasses that alert us to the nearest Margaritaville.一方面,旅游行业依然在希望解决问题最基本的问题,诸如怎样让300人攀上飞机而不至于引发恐慌场面之类,在这样的时候辩论可穿着技术难免荒谬。我回想心理学家亚伯拉罕·马斯洛(Abraham Maslow)的“市场需求层次” 理论——那是一张金字塔图,认为人们必需首先符合食物与住处等身体的基本市场需求,才能去考虑到其他较次要的性欲。如果也给旅行画一张市场需求层次图,“能像‘杰森一家’(Jetsons)那样麻利快活地登机”认同要排在“能告诉他我附近是不是玛格丽特维拉饭馆的手表和眼镜”前面。

On the other hand, wearables, particularly the Apple Watch, could eventually transform the way we travel. Given that sensors on the back of the device can track your pulse rate, perhaps it might also detect if you’re becoming unruly during a flight and follow up with a zap to your wrist and a stress-reduction video?但是另一方面,可穿着设备有可能最后不会转变我们旅行的方式,尤其是苹果手表。这件设备背后的传感器可以跟踪你的脉搏,所以,也许它还需要检测出有你在飞行中有点不难受,然后就跟你玩游戏一个挥心上写字的游戏,然后再行给你敲一段加压的视频?Fantasies aside, some technology and travel experts see real-world potential in wearables, even though many are most likely years away from being what we want them to be.再行把这些胡思乱想放到一旁,有些技术专家和旅游专家寄予厚望可穿着设备在现实生活中的潜力,尽管其中很多功能很有可能要过很多年才能符合我们的希望。Take smartwatches, which are already available from brands including LG, Motorola and Sony. They’re good at pushing information and alerts from your calendar to your wrist, where it’s easily glanced. The wrinkle, said James L. McQuivey, an analyst at Forrester Research, is that most smartwatches are clunky and impersonal. They cannot pinpoint where you are or what you want, so the information they provide is not game-changing. “A traveler needs that friend that’s sitting on their wrist that says, ‘I know you, I know what you like,’ ” he said. “That’s the kind of thing that Apple can do.”就拿智能手表来说吧,目前LG、摩托罗拉和索尼等品牌都发售了智能手表,它们可以把信息和提醒从你的日历启动时到你的手腕上,更加便利你观赏。

弗里斯特研究公司(Forrester Research)的分析师詹姆斯·L·麦克奎维(James L. McQuivey)说道,问题是,大多数智能手表都很轻巧,一点也不人性化。它们无法定位你在什么地点,你必须什么,所以它们获取的都不是具备颠覆性意义的信息。“旅行者必须的是一个手腕上的朋友,能对你说道:‘我了解你,我告诉你讨厌什么’,”他说道。“苹果就能做这样的事情。

”A wearable should be a coach, Mr. McQuivey said a day before the Apple news conference in Cupertino, Calif., “someone who knows more about what you need than you do.”就在苹果公司新闻发布会于加州库比蒂诺举办的前一天,麦克奎维说道,可穿着设备应当沦为你的教练,“它可以比你自己更加确切你的市场需求。”Indeed, during the conference, Apple said that over time the watch’s Workout app “gets to know you the way a personal trainer would” and suggests goals based on your workout history. This ability to use your personal data and history to suggest things you might want is what could put Apple ahead of its competitors, Mr. McQuivey said. Who knows what kinds of personalized real-time recommendations the Apple Watch might be capable of making in the future? Airport restaurants you’re likely to enjoy? Museum exhibitions?在第二天的发布会上,苹果公司的确声称,随着时间过去,苹果手表的健美应用于“可以像你的私人教练一样理解你”,并基于你的健美历史向你明确提出建议。

麦克奎维说道,这种基于你的个人数据和历史来向你引荐东西的能力可能会让苹果领先于竞争对手。在未来,苹果手表有能力作出什么样的个人自定义动态引荐呢,你可能会讨厌的机场餐厅?你可能会讨厌的博物馆展出?谁告诉呢。But let’s get to what will actually be available early next year when the Apple Watch comes to market. One of the biggest boons for travelers involves maps and GPS: Walk through a city and the watch can deliver different vibrations to your wrist to indicate whether you should turn left or right, so you don’t have to wander the streets peering at a tiny device (or be a good map-reader) to know which way to go. “It’s like having this invisible guide with you,” Kevin Lynch, vice president of technology for Apple, said during the news conference.但是我们再行来想到明年初上市的苹果手表能干什么。

对于旅行者来说,仅次于的益处之一就是它的地图和GPS导航系统:在城市漫步的时候,这块表格可以在你的手腕上生产有所不同的震动,提醒你应该左转或右转,这样你想要去什么地方,就不必盯着一个小小的设备抓起看,或者沦为一个擅长于看地图的人。“就像随身带了一个看不到的导游,”苹果公司的技术副总裁凯文·林奇(Kevin Lynch)在发布会上说道。Another helpful travel component is the watch’s health and fitness features, particularly its ability to show how often you’ve taken a break from sitting. The watch senses when you stand up and logs that information. Sitting too long? The Apple Watch reminds you to get up — welcome prodding for those who spend hours in cars or planes.苹果手表在身体健康和体重方面的特色也对旅行很有协助,尤其是它需要向你表明,于隔年多长时间就应当车站一起走走。跪得太久了?苹果手表提醒你该站一起了——这对于那些要长时间在汽车或飞机里童年的人来说是个很好的警告。

As you might expect, the watch will also have apps from leading travel brands such as American Airlines and Starwood, although it’s hard to get excited because versions of such apps are available on smartphones and tablets. There are a few twists: An app from Starwood, for instance, will allow you to unlock your room at any W Hotel in the world by waving your watch in front of the door. But frankly, opening my hotel room door with my watch was never on my wish list.正如你所期望的,这款手表还获取大旅游品牌的应用于,比如美国航空公司和喜达屋集团,尽管这远比过于让人激动,因为智能手机和平板电脑上也有类似于应用于。显然有一些变化:比如说,喜达屋的应用于让你只要在门前手持手表,就能在全球各处的W酒店关上自己的房间。

不过用手表进酒店房间从不曾经常出现在我的心愿表格上。And of course some travelers will like that the Apple Watch has Apple Pay, a new mobile system that allows you to pay at the registers of places as varied as McDonald’s and Walt Disney World. Until the system is ubiquitous, I’ll be carrying my wallet. I’ll also be carrying my iPhone because, well, you must in order to use all the features of the Apple Watch — and that’s a real drawback for travelers who aim to carry fewer, not more, devices.当然,有些旅行者期望看见苹果手表装备Apple Pay,这是一种新的移动支付系统,容许你在它注册的地方消费,从麦当劳到迪斯尼乐园都可以。

不过在这个系统普遍普及之前,我还是得带着钱包。我也不会拿着iPhone手机,因为想用于苹果手表的全部特色功能,就必需拿着它——对于期望身边带上的东西越多就越好的旅行者来说,这是一种衰退。So far wearables haven’t exactly taken off. And, for what they cost, they’re not always practical for the average traveler. Google Glass is $1,500, while the Apple Watch starts at $349 and you have to have an iPhone 5 or higher for it to work. Ditto for the Samsung Gear smartwatch, which is about $300 and requires that you own a Samsung phone or tablet.迄今为止,可穿着设备还并未确实高速发展。

从成本角度考虑到,它们对于普通旅行者来说不一定简单。谷歌眼镜售价1500美元,苹果手表起价349美元,但是要和iPhone 5及以上版本因应用于。三星Gear智能手表也是这样,它售价约在300美元,但拒绝和三星手机或平板电脑因应用于。

Still, some analysts, including Mr. McQuivey, think Apple has the best shot at delivering on the promise of such technology in part because the company is well positioned to go beyond the smartwatch. It could eventually roll out a full-body network of devices; a system that allows travelers to access the same information in a variety of ways — for example, in an ear, not unlike the way the artificially intelligent Samantha talks to Theodore through his ear bud in the movie “Her.” Indeed, Mr. McQuivey thinks Motorola’s new Hint earpiece, which has the same abilities as its Moto 360 smartwatch but relies on the user’s voice, is a “defensive move” against the sort of system Apple might offer one day.尽管如此,还包括麦克奎维在内的若干分析师们指出,苹果公司在呈现出这种技术方面做到得最差,部分是由于苹果公司处在不利的方位,可以超越智能手表的范畴。它可以最后创建起全套的智能系统装备网络;让旅行者以各种方式提供某种程度的信息——比如说用耳朵听得,类似于电影《她》里面的人工智能“萨曼莎”(Samantha)通过耳塞对西奥多(Theodore)说出那样。

事实上,麦克奎维实在摩托罗拉新的发售的Hint听筒(它和该公司的Moto 360智能手表有某种程度的功能,但要倚赖使用者的声音)正是摩托罗拉的“防卫策略”,以待苹果未来有可能发售类似于的系统。“Nearly four in 10 travelers can see a benefit of using wearables when they are traveling,” said Henry H. Harteveldt, a travel industry analyst with Atmosphere Research Group. To attract more of them, the devices should be easy to use: The typical American traveler is about 41 years old, not 21, according to Mr. Harteveldt. And if the wearable is a smartwatch, he said, it should look inconspicuous, if not beautiful. “It would have to be something that doesn’t make me look like an extra on the set of an alien movie,” he said.“10个游客中有将近四个可以在旅行中找到用于可穿着设备的益处,”大气研究集团(Atmosphere Research Group)的分析师亨利·H·哈特韦尔兹(Henry H. Harteveldt)说道。


“它无法让我看起来看起来外星人电影里的龙套,”他说道。Apple, unlike many competitors, tackled that concern, offering an array of watch faces and bands, including leather and stainless steel mesh. “It’s as much about personal technology as it is about style and taste,” Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, told the crowd at the news conference. Though for those of us with fashionable watches that merely tell time, the Apple Watch presents a problem. There’s only so much wrist real estate.苹果公司和其他竞争对手一样要解决问题这种疑虑,为此它设计了一系列仪表盘和表带,还包括皮革和网状不锈钢表带。

“它应该是个性科技,也应该和时尚与品位有关,”苹果公司首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)在新闻发布会上对观众们说道。尽管对于我们来说,时尚腕表只是用来看时间的,但苹果手表还是认为了一个问题。

手腕上只有这么大的地方。No matter what they look like, analysts think it will be years before wearables replace smartphones and tablets, if ever. “These will be supplemental devices for the consumer,” Mr. Harteveldt said.不管它们看起来什么样,分析师们都指出可穿着设备代替智能手机和平板电脑还必须好多年,如果这种代替真为能构建的话。“还不会为消费者获取其他新增设备,” 哈特韦尔兹说道。

In the race to the bionic future, it’s easy to forget that some of the best innovations transforming the way we travel today are not wearables.一些最佳创意曾多次转变我们如今的旅行方式,而它们并不是可穿着设备,但在未来的仿生学竞赛里,这一点很更容易被记得。For instance Global Entry, the program that expedites the United States customs process for citizens, is a game-changer, as is T.S.A. Precheck, which speeds its members through airport security. Add to the list the car services Uber and Lyft, and touchless toilets, sinks and waste bins on the 787 Dreamliner planes.比如说Global Entry,这个程序加快了美国人通过海关的速度,是颠覆性的大事,还有运输安全性管理局提早检查系统(T.S.A. Precheck),它减缓了其成员通过机场安全检查的速度。

此外还有Uber和Lyft获取的叫车服务,787梦幻客机上的感应式马桶、水槽和垃圾桶。And let’s not forget the obvious wearable: clothing. Ralph Lauren’s new Polo Tech smart shirts gathered information about the heart rate and stress levels of United States Open ball boys. It’s often the less flashy improvements, though, that make travel a little easier. Patagonia makes quick-dry clothes with built-in sunscreen. And Scottevest designs travel clothes with pockets that let you wear everything you would typically stuff into a carry-on bag, from your glasses to your iPad.别忘了那些更加显著的可穿着物品:衣服。比如拉夫·劳伦的新款Polo Tech智能上衣在美国网球公开赛上搜集球童的心率与压力水平信息。


Only time will tell if wearables become our second skins. “This is not going to be an overnight story,” Mr. Harteveldt said.可穿着设备否不会变为我们的第二层皮肤?只有时间需要检验。“这会在一夜之间再次发生,” 哈特韦尔兹说道。That’s what makes it exciting. And maybe a little scary. As Jonathan Ive, Apple’s senior vice president of design, put it in a video during the news conference: “We’re now at a compelling beginning.”这一点令人深感激动,但也许也有点可怕。

正如苹果公司主管设计的高级副总裁乔纳森·伊夫(Jonathan Ive)在新闻发布会播出的一段视频中所说:“我们于是以车站在激动人心的起点上。



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