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本文摘要:U.S. fugitive and former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden urged technology companies to adopt better methods of encryption to protect users from government surveillance, in remarks made through a video feed at a technology conference.美国国家安全局(National Security Agency, 全称:国安局)前承包商雇员、目前于是以被美国政府逮捕的爱德华斯诺登(Edward Snowden)近日在奥斯汀的西南偏南(South by Southwest)大会上通过视频公开发表讲话,敦促科技企业采行更加有效地的加密技术以维护用户隐私免遭政府监控的侵害。

U.S. fugitive and former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden urged technology companies to adopt better methods of encryption to protect users from government surveillance, in remarks made through a video feed at a technology conference.美国国家安全局(National Security Agency, 全称:国安局)前承包商雇员、目前于是以被美国政府逮捕的爱德华斯诺登(Edward Snowden)近日在奥斯汀的西南偏南(South by Southwest)大会上通过视频公开发表讲话,敦促科技企业采行更加有效地的加密技术以维护用户隐私免遭政府监控的侵害。Mr. Snowden, who has been charged by U.S. prosecutors under the Espionage Act, said technology companies can act more quickly to protect users privacy than the U.S. government, which will move slowly, if at all, to change intelligence-gathering practices.斯诺登称之为,美国政府若无意转变情报搜集方式,其过程将十分较慢,科技企业可以迟至美国政府采取行动,保证用户隐私安全性。此前美国检方已根据《反间谍法》(Espionage Act)对斯诺登驳回诉讼。

There is a policy response that needs to occur but there is also a technical response that needs to occur, Mr. Snowden told the South by Southwest Interactive conference, taking place in Austin.斯诺登说道,美国政府不仅必须政策上的号召,而且还必须技术上的号召。The public comments are among Mr. Snowdens first since last June, when he leaked to some media outlets classified documents on the NSAs programs to monitor phone calls, email and other communications.这是自去年6月监听事件曝光以来斯诺登首次公开发表言论。去年6月,斯诺登向几家媒体透露了国安局监听项目的绝密资料,该项目的监听内容还包括电话、电子邮件等通讯活动。

Mr. Snowden spoke from Moscow, where he has been granted temporary asylum, with an image of the U.S. Constitution in the background. Both the audience and the interviewers in Austin--two officials of the American Civil Liberties Union--appeared sympathetic to Mr. Snowden.斯诺登的此次视频讲话以美国宪法图片为背景,而他本人身处俄罗斯,并已被俄政府颁发临时庇护权。会上观众及主持人――美国公民自由联盟(American Civil Liberties Union)的两位官员都对斯诺登回应出有同情。He wasnt asked about the ethics of his disclosures or whether he believed he committed treason.他没被问及其揭露不道德否合乎道义,也没被问及他否指出自己违反了叛国罪。

People sent in questions through Twitter, and the interviewers posed some of them to Mr. Snowden. Most of the questions related to the issue of surveillance, though one asked if he would do it again. Absolutely, yes, he replied.大会上,网友通过推特(Twitter)向他发问,主持人挑了一些问题请求他问。其中大多数都与政府监管问题有关,但当被问及如果时光倒流,他否还不会这么做到时,斯诺登问道,意味著不会的。I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution and I saw that the Constitution was being violated on a massive scale, he said.斯诺登称之为,他曾效忠反对并保卫宪法,但他看见的毕竟宪法遭大规模侵害。

Stewart Baker, former general counsel for the NSA, said the interview of Mr. Snowden couldnt have been more sympathetic. Mr. Baker, now a partner at Steptoe Johnson LLP, added: A neutral observer would have said, You say youre against mass surveillance. How do you feel about mass surveillance in Crimea? 美国国家安全局前总顾问贝克(Stewart Baker)回应,专访斯诺登的人们对他过分同情了;中立的仔细观察人士可能会回答他:你说道你赞成大规模监控活动,那么你对克里米亚的大规模监控活动怎么看?贝克目前是Steptoe Johnson LLP的合伙人。Mr. Snowdens revelations about NSA surveillance prompted Google Inc. and other companies to strengthen their encryption technology, but he said the firms havent done enough to protect the civil liberties of Internet users in the U.S. and abroad.斯诺登揭发美国国家安全局的监控计划后,谷歌(Google Inc.)和其他一些公司都强化了各自的保密技术。但斯诺登称之为,在维护美国和其他国家互联网用户的公民自由方面,科技公司做到的还过于。

Google said last fall it would add or strengthen encryption of data passing among its data centers. It also now frequently changes the security keys used to unlock encrypted data, according to a person familiar with the company.谷歌去年秋季曾回应,将减少或强化通过其数据中心数据的保密性。熟知该公司情况的人士还透漏,谷歌目前还常常替换找出加密数据所需的安全性密钥。In December, Microsoft Corp. General Counsel Brad Smith said the software maker would encrypt customer information moving between its data centers by the end of this year.微软公司(Microsoft Corp.)总顾问史密斯(Brad Smith)去年12月份称之为,微软公司将在今年年底前对在公司数据中心之间传输的客户信息展开加密。Were committed to protecting our users privacy and our team is hard at work to encrypt all of Yahoos products, a spokeswoman for Yahoo Inc. wrote in an email.雅虎公司(Yahoo Inc.)发言人在一封电子邮件中称之为,雅虎致力于维护用户隐私,公司团队正在努力工作对雅虎的所有产品展开加密。

A Facebook Inc. spokesman declined to comment.Facebook Inc.发言人不予置评。Encryption turns plain text in an email into a jumble of letters and numbers that are unreadable to prying eyes--whether hackers or a spying agency. In order to read the email, another user requires a key to decrypt the message.加密技术是将电子邮件的文字转化成为一系列无序字符和数字,使得想偷窥内容的人无法读者,不管是黑客还是情报机构。其他用户要想要读者邮件内容,必须一把“钥匙”对信息展开解密。Mr. Snowden and Chris Soghoian, one of the ACLU interviewers, said Internet companies should adopt a system known as end-to-end encryption, which scrambles communication, such as an email, at each step from the senders computer to the recipients.斯诺登和来美国公民自由联盟的采访者Chris Soghoian回应,互联网公司应当使用一种取名为“端对端加密”的技术,这种技术容许通讯信息(比如一封电子邮件)在从源点到起点的传输过程中的每一步一直以密文形式不存在。

Messrs. Snowden and Soghoian said that widespread use of encryption would make it less practical for the government to collect Internet traffic in bulk, since much of it would be unreadable. That would require government agencies to target surveillance more precisely, Mr. Soghoian said.斯诺登和Soghoian称之为,加密技术的普遍用于将使得政府更为无法大批量搜集网络信息,因为许多信息将显得无法读者。Soghoian称之为,这将拒绝政府机构在监控时更为准确地定位目标。

Encryption technology has the potential to raise the cost of surveillance to the point where it no longer becomes economically feasible to spy on everyone, Mr. Soghoian said.Soghoian称之为,加密技术有可能将监控成本提升到或许,使得对每个人展开监控的作法从经济上来说仍然不切实际。The NSA didnt immediately respond to a request for comment.美国国安局没立刻回覆记者的置评催促。Messrs. Snowden and Soghoian criticized the business model of Internet companies that rely on the collection of user data to serve advertisers. They urged companies to rely on subscriptions, like the text-messaging app WhatsApp, which Facebook recently said it would acquire for $19 billion.一些互联网公司使用的商业模式依赖用搜集来的用户数据为广告商服务,斯诺登和Soghoian对这种模式展开了抨击。他们呼吁这些公司改以使用WhatsApp等公司依赖订阅者的模式。

Facebook不久前宣告将以190亿美元并购WhatsApp。Privacy and government surveillance have been a theme of this years South by Southwest Interactive, a conference better known as a stage for the latest social networking and mobile apps. Appearing via Skype on Saturday, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange attacked the NSA and the power it holds in the Obama administration.隐私和政府监控问题仍然是今年西南偏南大会的一个主题,该大会此前更好被视作展出近期社交网络和移动应用于的一个舞台。

维基解密(WikiLeaks)创始人阿桑奇(Julian Assange)上周六通过Skype对美国国安局以及奥巴马政府彰显国安局的权利展开了批评。Doug Kim, a user experience architect for Turner Broadcasting and attendee of South by Southwest, said the Snowden remarks gave him more insight into what businesses could do to help protect user privacy.大会参与者、Turner Broadcasting用户体验设计师金(Doug Kim)称之为,对于企业应当如何维护用户隐私,斯诺登的讲话让他有了加深的解读。It really takes these big acts to make course changes, for these big companies to pivot, Mr. Kim said.金称,显然必须这些大动作来挽回形势,大型科技企业必须作出改变。



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